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Gladwell Insurance Blog: 3_2016

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Do you know how much it takes to raise a child these days? Are you sitting down?That would be almost a quarter of a million dollars.It costs $245,000 to raise a child born in 2013 until they hit 18, according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. This is not about a luxury upbringing. READ MORE >>

They’re beautiful. They’re essential. And, left unchecked, they can damage your home, your property and that of others.They’re trees. And, as with so many things in life, proper maintenance is critical. READ MORE >>

The weather might be the single most common topic of conversation. That’s because if there’s one thing everyone suffers through and enjoys together, it’s the weather.We talk about the weather because it affects our daily mood—and because it's so difficult to predict. READ MORE >>

Safety may not be the sexiest part of running a business, but it’s an essential one. No one wants to work in an unsafe environment. And no company wants to be responsible for putting the life and well-being of its workers at risk. While you can’t prevent every accident, there are some steps you can take to minimize the chances of one happening. READ MORE >>

’s just rain — how much impact can it really have on your driving? The answer: a lot. You’re likely to experience lower visibility, reduced traction and increased difficulty in handling your car both during and after a rainstorm. Add flooding to the mix and suddenly things get much more challenging – and dangerous. READ MORE >>

For some people, one of the biggest benefits of renting an apartment rather than buying a home is the joy of on-call maintenance service. Busted fridge? No worries. Broken pipes? That’s what the landlord is for. Read more... READ MORE >>

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